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Puppy facts

Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some facts about these amazing designer breeds. 


Toy to large.

Breed Characteristics

Coats generally range from wavy to curly and they can occasionally have a straighter coat depending on if they take on more of the Golden Retriever, Australian Shepard or Bernese Mountain dog characteristics. If bred with a poodle these straighter coats are even less likely to occur. Generally, the curlier the coat the more hypoallergenic the dog, hence the poodles curly coat. These breeds come in a wide variety of colors, anywhere from black, copper, cream, golden, apricot, red and even merle. 


These breeds are dedicated to their families but also very amiable with others that is why we chose to breed these particular crosses. They enjoy human company, are loyal, smart and easy to train. Early socialization, exposure to diverse situations, and obedience training are important for these breeds. They tend to want to say “Hello” to everyone they meet, especially the goldendoodle.


The generation of doodle you get can generally be correlated with the amount of grooming that may need to be done. An F1 doodle generally has a straighter coat and because of this are less likely to have matting and their coats are a little easier to maintain but will likely shed a bit more than later generation doodles. F1b and later generation doodles tend to have a more wavy to curly coat which is highly desired for those needing a dog with more hypoallergenic characteristics but generally do require a bit more maintenance to keep their coats looking and feeling healthy. A minimum of weekly brushing is important to prevent matting and keep their coats looking and feeling healthy. Most owners may want to get their doodles regularly groomed to keep up with their doodle look. Be sure to tell your groomer not to "poodle your doodle"unless of course that is the look you are going for!


Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, and Bernedoodles are easy to train. They’re usually eager to please, which makes them a good choice for first-time dog owners. Early socialization classes are recommended, so your doodle can socialize well with other dogs and humans. They also love swimming and the great outdoors and can be a perfect lake companion! A bored dog can very quickly become a bad dog so keeping your puppies busy and utilizing training sessions to exercise their brains is very important. 

Energy Level

These breeds are moderately energetic, preferring a minimum of 30 minutes per day of daily exercise. They need room to roam, so having an outdoor fenced space is very helpful, though they primarily will want to be inside next to their owners when you are home. 

Life Span

Expected to live between 10 – 15 years on average.

Who is the best human for a doodle?

These breeds are happy in either urban or rural environments but are not great apartment dogs unless you plan for routine daily exercise. They do best when they have a backyard and home to roam around in. Suitable for families with children, they are delightfully easy to train, and highly social animals. They’re great working dogs too, suitable as service or therapy dogs. Due to their agreeable demeanor, however, don’t expect your Goldendoodle puppy to grow up to be a guard dog however you could likely train your Bernedoodle to do this but would certainly be less intimidating than a Doberman or German Shepard. 

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