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And growing passion...


All American Doodle is located in the heartland of rural Kansas, in a small town south of Topeka. We live on a 60+ Acre Farm with plenty of room for our fur babies and kids alike to run and play. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and my husband works as a supervisor for an electric company. For the first 10 years of our marriage we worked full time and also ran a farming operation. The choice to get out of agriculture was not an easy one and something we knew we would miss, or at least parts of it! With having 3 young children and the demands and work loads of our careers increasing we knew it was the right decision and also knew that raising healthy, beautiful puppies was something we were passionate about and wanted to pursue. Most importantly, it was something we could do as a family that would allow us to instill some of the same concepts of the farm including caring, compassion and hard work for the animals, but on a much smaller scale, while allowing our children to be more hands on with the experiences. Growing up, my mom raised several litters of purebred registered dogs. Before my time, my grandma, Sharon Kay, had her own Kennel “Green Acres Kennel” where she was known for the superior tender loving care that she gave to all of her dogs and puppies while delivering excellent customer service to customers...I guess you could say raising puppies is a family tradition. 


Our doodles are our pets. They are raised in our home with our family and we feel that is a crucial first step to raising healthy, happy, beautiful puppies; which is our sole focus here at All American Doodle. We are no “backyard breeder”... We have studied and invested in the health and behavior of our dogs (which started years before making our first purchase of a puppy) by breeding selectively and genetic/health testing our dogs before allowing them to be a part of our breeding program. Being well bred, while very important, is also only a small piece to having a healthy & intelligent puppy...experience the difference and time we commit to each one of our beloved babies. Our puppies are only with us for a very short time but this time is crucial to their development. We utilize the Puppy Culture Enrichment Program starting at just 3 days old which includes early neurological stimulation (ENS), aggression prevention, potty training and much much more! This helps shape our puppies into excellent additions to your family by helping them form exceptional dispositions as well as form deep and meaningful relationships with people and other animals.


We know there is no such thing as a perfect puppy so if you are looking for a puppy that doesn't bark, potty in the house, jump, nip or whine then I would recommend purchasing a stuffed animal at the toy store. Puppies are babies, and while they mature much faster than human babies, they still require some time to learn the ropes! They also require consistency and companionship among many other things. We work very hard here to ensure the experiences that will shape and mold your puppy are positive ones as our very first interactions are to teach them that humans are kind and can be trusted. 

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