Meet Wrangler "Wrangles"

Wrangler is our handsome 20 lb multigen cream Mini Goldendoodle. He is so good natured, a total cuddler and genuinely adores his humans. He is extremely patient and tolerant with his human children as well as his own puppies and enjoys teaching them all a thing or two about life. He is our daughter's favorite dancing partner and can usually be found just watching the kids play. He is gentle and has a kind soul. Wrangler has passed all of his health tests with flying colors. He has also been genetic tested through Embark and does carry 1 copy of PRA-prcd which will not impact his health or the health of his puppies because it is a recessive trait and he will never be paired with a female who carries for this. Wrangler also inherited 1 variant of IVDD. In some breeds, such as toy/mini poodles this variant is found in >80-90% and most dogs never actually develop IVDD. Also, through Embark this is only a linkage test and not as predictive of true genotype which nearly all other genetic conditions Embark tests for are. This is a genetic test, not a diagnosis and Wrangler continues to be perfectly healthy and aces all of his health exams with our licensed vet.