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Our puppies come to you completely vetted which includes being up to date on vaccinations, de-wormed, vet checked, and microchipped. Our puppies are sold with a 2 year health warranty for debilitating genetic health problems (refer to the purchase contract for additional details). You will also get one of our puppy starter kits. Warranty will remain in good standing so long as the new owner stays up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and has routine vet checks in written form. We start puppy training at just three days old with early neurological stimulation and progress to the puppy culture program (see our Puppy Training page for additional details). We start potty training our pups as soon as they are mobile, initially using a litter box but then progressing to a designated spot in the grass so long as weather permits. We reward our puppies with praise and healthy treats to provide positive reinforcement for a desired behavior.  We also provide a minimum of  once weekly updates to our puppy families and friends so they can be a part of watching our puppies grow and develop! 

Puppy starter kit includes: A generous sample of Puppy food that your puppy has already been started on, mommy/litter scented blanket, puppy toy, treats, health records and other miscellaneous nick-nacks we think you and your puppy will love.  You will also receive a lifetime of support from our family. We love getting "pupdates" and hearing about all our doodles' adventures. 


Getting a puppy is a lifetime commitment and should be treated as such. The health, happiness and safety of our dogs and puppies is of the utmost priority to us. With that, we do not ship our puppies but can arrange pick up or delivery (for an additional fee). We can also deliver to our closest airport (MCI-Kansas City International Airport) where you can fly home with your puppy under your seat (in cabin) or we have a flight nanny who we love and trust that can fly your puppy to your closest airport. If you elect to fly, we will bring all necessary items, less the appropriate carrier (unless previously arranged for an additional fee), who will fly your puppy to your closest airport for pick.



Because All American Doodle is not in the business of mass producing puppies nor producing puppies without a purpose, a $50 deposit is required to be added to the litter list. This allows us to operate off of a functional and up to date list which helps us plan our future litters. This $50 is taken off the deposit price. The deposit is due once pregnancy is confirmed which is generally about 35 days after conception. 


Mini Double Doodles (Aussiedoodle x Goldendoodle)

Our Mini Double Doodles are $1500 pet price (Deposit: $300-$50 Litter List=$250-taken off total purchase price). $100 off to all military, past and present, must provide verification. 

Mini Goldendoodles

Our Mini Goldendoodles are $2,000 pet price (Deposit: $350-$50 Litter List=$300-taken off total purchase price). $100 off to all military, past and present, must provide verification. Ethical breeders may inquire about breeding rights. 

Mini Aussiedoodles

Our Mini Aussiedoodles are $1500 pet price (Deposit: $300-$50 Litter List=$250-taken off total purchase price). $100 off to all military, past and present, must provide verification. 


All American Doodle accepts several forms of payment for your convenience. We require a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to reserve your puppy, deposit amount is dependent on breed but is taken off the total price. Litter picks are based on the order in which the deposit is received. While non-refundable the deposit is transferable to another puppy/litter for up to 12 months from the time your payment is made. 

  • Paypal

  • Venmo

  • Cash

  • Certified Check

  • Good Dog (Click good dog badge for link)


Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time you take them home as each of our puppies are always fully vetted by our licensed vet typically within a week of departure. We will provide you with your puppy's complete health record. We recommend a visit to your local veterinarian once home, within the first ten days. If a licensed veterinarian concludes a congenital or hereditary defect, please notify us ASAP. You will have the following options:

  1. Return the dog for a complete refund.

  2. Return the dog for a replacement dog of equal value.

Please reach out if you have questions!

When considering the purchase of one of our puppies only submit the adoption form after...

  1. You and all of your household members have agreed upon getting a puppy.

  2. While we understand life happens and situations change, please understand that a puppy is a life long commitment. We will ALWAYS take our puppies back and if circumstances arise we want you to contact us first so that NONE of our puppies end up homeless, in shelters, or going to homes less than equipped for caring for them. 

  3. Upon approval, you are ready, willing, and able to place your deposit ($300) after reviewing and agreeing to our purchase contract. 

If you are able to answer yes to all 3 of the above qualifiers, please continue and submit the below application! We CAN'T WAIT to work with you to provide you with the perfect companion.


Puppy picks are done in the order of which deposits are received. All American Doodle always reserves pick of the litter. This may be for ourselves or for someone needing a service companion (Facility Dog, Therapy Dog, Service Dog etc.). 

Puppy picks are done around 5 weeks. While we know that some dog owners strictly pick their puppies based off of certain physical characteristics/traits or even gender we want to be sure we are honoring both our puppies and their future owners needs by doing thorough puppy evaluations prior to puppy pick day. Some programs do not allow picks at all but rather pair you with the puppy they feel best meets owner and puppies needs. We do not practice this way because we want you to be happy with both the physical characteristics and personality. We also know that people and experiences shape dogs into who they are and/or who we want them to be!


We allow up to 30 minutes on puppy pick day to chose your puppy. Keep in mind you will have received information on each puppy ahead of time including evaluations, pictures and videos so most have it narrowed down a bit. We most commonly do picks through video conference (FaceTime, Facebook, Zoom) but for those that reside in closer proximity and follow our visitor protocol we also do in person picks! 


Visitor Protocol

Dog Walker at the Park
Are you ready? Fill out our Puppy Purchase Application and we'll get back to you soon!

Thanks for submitting!

Letting People in...

Letting people in can be very scary on multiple accounts. Our young puppies are very vulnerable and up until 6 weeks have had no vaccinations. Additionally, our home is our safe haven and we will do everything to keep it that way. That said, we absolutely understand and value the importance of early socialization and transparency. We are always happy to share this with you and actually encourage "some" visitors to help with socialization! We also offer virtual tours for those that are not able to or do not wish to visit in person. Given you are here visiting this page, we know that you at least have some interest in adding a new fur baby to your home and expect that you would respect the health and wellness of our puppies by following our sanitation protocol.

1. Absolutely no visitors who have visited a pet store, puppy store, animal shelter, dog park or vet clinic within 72 hours of a scheduled puppy visit. 

2. You should come in clean clothes, which have not been worn around other pets/animals that same day. 

3. You will be required to have a "footbath" using disinfectant Cleaner on your shoes. You will then be required to remove your shoes or put on our disposable booties that we provide for you upon entering. 

3. We will have you wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to entering or interacting with our puppies or dogs. 

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