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Puppy Families,

WAHOO- we found an amazing online training program for all of our puppy families, especially considering how busy life can be -it's called BAXTER & Bella!

In short, their system is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you on how to train and teaching you how to successfully integrate a canine companion into your life, family and home! What's more, they are offering our families an instant 25% savings on their lifetime membership, which includes more than 75 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable charts and checklists, unlimited one-on-one professional help, online classes and courses, training games and activities, in addition to so much more... all for less money than what many people will pay to participate in typical puppy courses-IT'S A GAME-CHANGER!

You can learn more about who they are, what they offer and how to get started by clicking the logo below or by visiting:

Or simply watch their overview video by clicking on the following link (Such a cute family): https//


Use coupon code ALLAMERICANDOODLE to save 25% instantly so that training the trainer can be started before you bring your special bundle home. All American Doodle utilizes Baxter and Bella and signing up makes the transition into your home more seamless and ensures we are all speaking the same dog language. 

Puppy Training

There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious pets with their caring new owner. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into making sure our special puppies have the absolute best start in life. In addition to premium food and luxurious living conditions, each one of our puppies is loved on, handled, and introduced to new stimuli daily to aid in their development. Socialization of your puppy starts with the breeder. While many breeders may put little effort into contributing to a puppies socialization and brain development, rest assured that at All American Doodle we take this job VERY seriously. We utilize Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) Training starting at just 3 days which is integrated into our Puppy Culture training. A puppies first three weeks of life, even before they open their eyes, is considered to be a time of rapid neurological growth and development. This means that breeders, both good and bad, can influence the relationships, intelligence and trainability of your dog in just the short time they are with them. We implemented this program with our very first litter of puppies and know what a difference it makes in the overall intelligence and health of our dogs. Our puppy play area is designed with the behavior and welfare of our puppies in mind. Just like children, puppies learn a lot through play and introduction to new stimuli, textures, and handling. The exercises that we do with our puppies are not a substitute for their daily handling but in addition to and something we do as a family. Early training increases the capacity of their neurological system by activating it earlier than what it would otherwise be and will make a tremendous impact on the performance of their neurological system through out their life. Many of the training methods we incorporate were actually developed by the US military and were designed to improve the performance of military working dogs. We take great pride in raising intelligent, well socialized puppies and know that we have a huge impact in shaping their future and outcomes in life. Experience the All American Doodle Difference with one of our puppies! 

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